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The Matthews Law Group, P.C. is a specialty firm focusing on the areas of liability defense, workers compensation defense, employment law, subrogation, and OSHA Litigation. The firm represents a broad spectrum of clients, including carriers, third-party administrators, employers and other entities. Our clients come to us because of our experience, knowledge, expertise, our track record in and out of court, and our reputation for client satisfaction.

We believe that a close working relationship between attorneys and their clients is essential to providing quality legal services. Our size and composition allows us to provide the personalized services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our rates are extremely competitive because we leverage available technology to allow us to provide cost-effective legal solutions. 

The Matthews Law Group, P.C. seeks to provide practical legal solutions in an effort to minimize legal difficulties or expense when possible. Should formal litigation or dispute resolution become necessary, we pride ourselves on providing aggressive, persistent advocacy. Contact us today for a free consultation, we have offices in San Diego, Los AngelesSan Francisco, and Dallas.

Tyrone Matthews
Matthew Soleimanpour
Sabrina Ceraolo


  • The Matthews Law Group, P.C. has that rare combination of legal expertise, superior client service, cost/benefit focus, and unwavering ethics in representing our insureds interest. Simply said, they get the job done as efficiently as possible.

    John Kha, MBA, ARM, CRIS,
    Claims Account Manager , XL Insurance / North America Construction

  • Not many of us have a passion for subrogation, but Tyrone is one of these people. It is without hesitation that I recommend Tyrone because of this passion and the results he obtains for us. Tyrone also does a good job of keeping his costs down and is always very responsive to all of our communications. Tyrone has an excellent working knowledge of California Workers' Compensation which goes hand in hand with our subrogation efforts. Tyrone is an excellent attorney, one which I don't hesitate in recommending.

    Dean Clifton, Sr. Vice President, Old Republic Construction Program Group

  • In today’s litigation environment, using technology to better tell your story is paramount.  Matthew Soleimanpour understands this better than any lawyer I know.  He keeps the jury engaged by giving them the essential tools needed to make a more informed decision in the jury room. 

    Andrew Lloyd, Managing Director, Visual Law Group

  • Matt and Tyrone are two straight shooters. They tell you like it is. They were incredibly prepared and professional in trial. They are extraordinarily sensitive and fair when it comes to their billing practices and that is a rare commodity in today’s legal world.

    Jeffrey Herold, Founder/President, West Coast, Trends, Inc.

  • Matthews Law Group, P.C. is one of the most professional, success driven and results oriented law firms with whom we have the pleasure of working with on various Workers’ Compensation claims. They are particularly exceptional at closing complex, high dollar claims. They strive to maintain open communications with all parties, particularly an injured worker who may not be represented.

    Leta R. Sharkey, MS, NCC, CDMS, CRP, CLCP, MSCC President, Medical Settlement Advantage, LLC

  • I find Tyrone Matthews to be a well-qualified and ethical WC subrogation attorney. His knowledge, capability and reputation ensure that the Old Republic Construction Program Group gains reimbursement of their WC liens.

    Kathie L Weldy, Vice President, Old Republic Construction Program Group